AR Viability

AR Applications

This is Vuforia, one of many augmented reality software that can enable AR, and it is free for development purposes.

For Simutrain, it is the core of our application and it enables us to develop real world uses of AR to teach and train people effectively.

The development of our application uses the Unity Engine, an engine that works well with Vuforia to create a flexible AR experience.

Unity was chosen to further display the accessibility of AR technology because, like Vuforia, it offers a free version for development.

Unity and Vuforia create a unique environment where any developer can use augmented reality in their applications before paying any fees.

A free development environment can only improve the accessibility and viability of AR and help it grow in popularity.

In our Webinar, We will talk more about how easy it is to set up and how it can effectively be used as a learning tool for the next generation.

At Simutrain, We believe AR is the future of interactive learning especially during these times of separation and a lack of hands-on experiences.

Music Used: Dystopia – Luke Hall

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